Sunday, 7 July 2013

testgame 20130707

Earl of Newcastle force facing a Covenanter army

 The Covenanter force: 5 brigades, 4 cavarly units
one light and one medium battery and a unit dragoons.
facing 6 regiments  of infantry and 6 of cavalry,
2 dragoons one light and one medium battery

Dragoons going in close contact

Coventaners closing in with confidence.

Conclusions of the game: still changes needed : clear breacktrough rules including supporting units.
Limited command is slowing down to much the game.  What if infantry attacks cavalry.

Many thanks to for the flags!!!!


  1. Looking good. Would personally scale up the number of figures (to roughly 200 figures per side), as the pikes and horse look great en masse.

  2. Well to run the game I have in mind, I would need over 400 infantry figures and about 140 cavalry on a tabel 4m by 2m. The masse effect will be there!