Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Métal hurlant

Unbelievable, but they still exist, wargamers looking down on wargaming with plastic and 54mm figures, as the figures being toys, children's play. (funny ...28mm looking "down" on 54mm).
Happy to say had some youngsters at a wargame demo this weekend, and they had fun.  They are the future isn't it.
After all, aren't we (almost) all grownup's playing with soldiers (including the metal ones).
And yes, I do use  promotional figures from the 1960's , 'Café Storme' figures that are better sculpted than most metal figures, even today.
If metal makes the difference, wonder what he calls it when he pushing around his Matchbox or Majorette cars.


  1. Well said Dirk! Call to Arms ECW 54mm figures are really quite good - far superior to their smaller namesake, and you can actually appreciate a far higher degree of detail. Metal figures too are a nightmare to transport about, as they have to be dealt with individually (rather than several to a base - with plastic), as they are easily damaged if they come loose.

  2. I'm 54mm plastic figures all the way. I really enjoy looking at your conversions.

    1. thanks guys. The reason for this post found through the "traffic sources"